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Radical Embrace - Rivendell

  • Rivendell TN22 4AB (map)

How can we learn to embrace ourselves, others and the world more deeply and radically, with awareness and compassion? Together we will meet ourselves where we are, with appreciation and curiosity, inviting all our disparate selves into a space of acceptance and presence.

We will draw on resources like grounding, nature, simple mindful movements, neuroscience and creative ritual. We’ll explore our capacity to discover and dwell in more expansive qualities of absorption (dhyana) and deepen our confidence to turn towards more stuck, restricted and painful places within us. Doing this, we learn to liberate restricted energies, break the spell of false views, and allow them to transform in the clear light of awareness.

What emerges is a more authentic experience of our innate ability to connect more deeply with ourselves and others. The retreat will include: small group sharing, inquiry (reflection and dialogue into what we are noticing in our direct experience), ritual, outdoor practice and activities and meditation reviews. With at least four full days of silence.