The courage to play

The price we’ve paid for pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and just getting on with it is a life half-lived. We have been too scared to go beyond what is known to us, too anxious to edge into the unfamiliar, too guarded to let life in, with all its sorrows AND all its joys.

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Promises to keep

We are all deeply conditioned by every event in our lives, and the lives of our parents and ancestors. The unimaginable web of events resulting in us being here now, as we manifest today, is at the same time amazing and terrifying.

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On Trustworthiness

Wanting something to go away is the surest way to ensure that it sticks around. So that strategy ultimately works against us. The practice is therefore to learn to meet our experience without any ulterior motives.

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Be Moved

The path of spiritual death is one of realisation into no-self. This realisation doesn’t happen once, but over and over again, in ever deepening and more and more subtle ways.

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Be held here, beloved

Grounding ourselves supports us to connect deeply, with the world and ourselves. This is our starting point, as well as a principle we return to again and again...

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